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Oct 2009 Financial News

Scotia DBG launches Caribbean Income Fund

Oct 30, 2009

Scotia DBG Investments Ltd, will be launching its newest investment product to hit the Jamaican market at a Press Launch at the Scotiabank Group Financial Centre today.

The new Scotia DBG Caribbean Income Fund, is a US dollar denominated fixed-income fund that provides investors with the unique opportunity of quarterly tax-free dividends with modest capital appreciation. In short, this is an investment that allows investors to keep more of what they earn. The fund invests primarily in US dollar bonds within the Caricom Economy. The portfolio will typically include some REPO's and both Government and high-quality corporate bonds.

The fund will be rolled out in an extensive media campaign on Sunday November 01, 2009 and will be sold across the entire Scotiabank and Scotia DBG Investments branch network on Monday, November 02, 2009.

Objective of the Fund

The main objective of the fund is to provide investors with a regular stream of income and modest capital gains by investing in primarily US dollar-denominated fixed income securities. The fund also invests in other income generating securities, which may include dividend paying shares.

The fund will be invested in some of the following assets:

. US$-denominated cash or deposits

. US$-denominated interest bearing securities issued

. US$-denominated short-term securities such as Bills of Exchange or promissory notes

One of the key messages that has been developed and which the media campaign will emphasise is the "earn more, keep more" message.

Jamaica Observer
Friday, October 30, 2009