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Financial News

Sep 2018 Financial News

Fortress Caribbean Property Fund - Notice of Material Change

Sep 20, 2018

Pursuant to The Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange Limited (‘TTSE”) Rule 603 (2) and Rule 603 (3) Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Limited SCC (‘Company”) wishes to advise that the acquisition of all of the common shares of the Company by Eppley Fund Managers Limited, a mutual fund administrator licensed under the Mutual Funds Act, Barbados, pursuant to that certain share sale and purchase agreement dated January 15, 2018, between Fortress Fund Managers, Alleyne, Aguilar & Altman Limited and Eppley Fund Managers Limited (as amended from time to time) was completed effective May 4, 2018. Eppley Fund Managers Limited is the new Fund Manager for the Fortress Caribbean
Property Fund Limited SCC - Development Fund and Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Limited SCC - Value Fund (together referred to as “the Funds”). The Funds will remain listed on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited.

Following the completion of the Transaction, the board of directors of the Company resigned (Ronald Cave, Sir Trevor Carmichael, Paul Altman, Terrence Hanton, Maureen Davis, Christopher Audain, John Williams and Hutson Leacock) and concurrently with those resignations, new directors have been appointed to the board of the Company (Nicholas Scott, Paul B. Scott, Melanie Subratie and Roger Cave). Additionally, the Company has filed articles of amendment at the Corporate and Intellectual Property Office (“CAIPO”) in Barbados with respect to the name change of the Company to “Eppley Caribbean Property Fund Limited SCC”.

The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited
Thursday 20 September, 2018