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May 2018 Financial News

NCB Financial Group Limited - Update on NCB Global Holdings Limited Take Over Bid

May 16, 2018

On May 15, 2018, the Hearing Panel convened by the Trinidad & Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC) adjourned until further notice the Hearing into matters related to NCB Global Holdings Limited’d bid for control of Guardian Holdings Limited. NCB Global Holdings Limited is a company incorporate in Trinidad & Tobago and a wholly owned subsidiary of NCB Financial Group Limited.

The adjournment by the Hearing Panel was at the request of the Parties in order to facilitate activities aimed at amicably resolving the matter. NCB Global Holdings Limited and other relevant parties (including the Staff of the TTSEC) will pursue those activities, which will end with either a resolution of the matter or a date being for the resumption of the hearing.

The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited
Wednesday May, 16 2018