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Sep 2023 Financial News

CLICO Investment Fund - Notice of Distribution

Sep 18, 2023

CLICO Trust Corporation as Trustee of the Clico Investment Fund (the “Fund”) wishes to notify Unitholders that further to its Notice dated February 27, 2023, the application for the deregistration and delisting of the Fund was filed with the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.

Clause 19.2 of the Declaration of Trust states that the Trustee shall distribute any other assets comprising the Deposited Property and Fund Income in specie, provided that the Trustee shall be entitled to retain out of any moneys in its hands as part of the Deposited Property full provision for all costs, debts, liabilities, charges, expenses, claims and demands properly incurred or made in connection with or arising out of the termination of the Fund.

In accordance with Clause 19.2, the Trustee has determined that a final distribution of two cents per unit from the Fund income will be made to the Unitholders of the Fund, payable on September 15, 2023.

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The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited

Monday 18th September, 2023