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Jan 2023 Financial News

MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Limited Material Change - Notice of Loan Refinancing for Tilawind project

Jan 09, 2023

Please be notified that loan refinancing for TilaWind Corporatión S. A. (Tilawind), the project company owning the 21 MW Tilawind wind farm in Costa Rica has been finalised on the 5th of January 2023.

The new loan agreement was finalized with Banco Nacional and features a lower interest rate and reserve balance as well as preferable repayment conditions.

Tilawind is a 100% subsidiary of CCEF ANSA Renewable Energies Holdings Limited in which the Fund holds a 50% shareholding. The Fund is the “Investment Company” in which MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Limited exclusively invests.

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Monday 9th January, 2023