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Jan 2022 Financial News

Angostura Holdings Limited - Material Change Disclosure

Jan 11, 2022

Pursuant to Section 64(1)(b) of the Securities Act, 2012 and Pursuant to Rule 603 of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Rules - 

By Market Notice dated January 06, 2022, the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange advised that 457,269 Ordinary Shares of Angostura Holdings Limited ('AHL") were withdrawn from the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange effective Friday January 07, 2022, thus reducing the issued share capital of AHL to 205,820,361 Ordinary Shares.

This was the final step in a transaction whereby 457,269 Ordinary Shares held by Trinidad Distillers Limited ("TDL") (a member of the Angostura Group) were voluntarily donated without valuable consideration, by TDL to AHL, pursuant to an agreement and in accordance with Section 46 of the Companies Act, Chap. 81:01 ('the Act"). On January 07, 2022 the said shares were cancelled pursuant to Section 50 of the Act.


The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited
Tuesday 11th January, 2022