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Minimum initial investment of US$10,000, thereafter minimum subsequent investment of US$5,000

The Customised Investment Portfolios are three (3) investment portfolios comprising USD-denominated exchange traded funds (ETFs) traded on U.S. stock exchanges.

Asset Composition

The assets in each portfolio consist primarily of ETFs as a viable option to gain exposure to a diversified index or sub-index. An ETF is an investment vehicle that combines key features of traditional mutual funds and individual stocks. ETFs represent diversified portfolios of securities that track specific indices. Like stocks, they can be bought and sold on an exchange throughout the trading day. While an ETF trades like a stock, the ETF itself may be invested in any asset class such as stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Investment Objectives & Strategies

Each portfolio has a unique investment objective and the investment advisor employs a strategic asset allocation approach, determining the appropriate asset mix within broad pre-established guidelines for each asset class as set out below:

* Benchmarks will be utilized to track the performance of each asset class in the portfolios
Balanced – Income Focus Balanced – Growth Focus Growth
Objective Generate a return primarily
through Interest and Dividends
Generate a return through security
price appreciation as well as Interest
and Dividends
Generate a return through
security price appreciation
  • Equity ETFs: 50%
  • Fixed Income ETFs: 50%
  • Equity ETFs: 60%
  • Fixed Income ETFs: 40%
  • Equity ETFs: 100%
  • Equity ETFs: 40% to 60%
  • Fixed Income ETFs: 40% to 60%
  • Equity ETFs: 50% to 70%
  • Fixed Income ETFs: 30% to 50%
  • Equity ETFs: 90% to 100%
Benchmarks* Equity ETFs: 50%
  • Dow Jones US Select REIT Index: 20%
  • S&P High Yield Dividend
    Aristocrats Index: 30%

Fixed Income ETFs: 50%
  • Bloomberg Barclays High Yield
    Total Return: 30%
  • Bloomberg Barclays US Long
    Credit Total Return: 10%
  • JP Morgan EMBI Global Core: 10%
Equity ETFs: 60%
  • Dow Jones US Large Cap Total
    Stock Market Index: 20%
  • MSCI US Mid Cap Growth Index: 20%
  • Russell 2000 Growth Index: 20%

Fixed Income ETFs: 40%
  • iBoxx USD Liquid Investment Grade
    Index: 20%
  • iBoxx USD Liquid High Yield Index: 10%
  • JP Morgan EMBI Global Core: 10%
Equity ETFs: 100%
  • S&P 500 Index: 20%
  • MSCI US Mid Cap Growth
    Index: 20%
  • Russell 2000 Growth Index:
  • MSCI US Information
    Technology Index: 20%
  • NASDAQ Biotechnology
    Index: 10%
  • MSCI US Consumer
    Discretionary Index: 10%

Description of Investment Practices

  • Cash Management: While the majority of the funds will be invested, there may be some residual cash held in the portfolios. This will be held until there is sufficient cash to buy additional positions in the portfolio, without causing the portfolio to deviate significantly from the target allocation.
  • Illiquid Securities: The portfolio may not invest in illiquid securities. For ETFs, illiquid securities are defined as those that cannot be sold within the course of ten (10) consecutive business days at approximately the price at which the portfolio has valued the investment. All positions will be limited to ETFs that are at least US$1 billion in size.
  • Rebalancing: Market movements may cause a portfolio’s actual allocation to deviate from the target allocation from time to time. The portfolios will be rebalanced on a quarterly basis back to the target allocation if there is a deviation of more than 5% in any asset class.
  • Diversification & Exposure Limits: ETFs will usually be well-diversified as they will seek to mimic broad, publicly available market indices.

Benefits of Investing

  • Portfolio allocation decisions are made under the advice of RBC Investment Management (Caribbean) Limited, one of the leading professional asset managers in Trinidad & Tobago, with extensive experience managing more than US$3.75 billion in mutual funds, deferred annuities, employee benefit plans and personal investment portfolios.
  • Easy and low cost access to the U.S. capital markets.
  • Diversification to a wide range of securities and industry sectors.
  • The ability to switch your investment among the portfolios as your investment objectives change.
  • Easy access to view portfolio holdings, performance analytics, account statements and trading activity via NetXInvestor

Domestic Equity

Minimum initial investment of TT$25,000

Our experienced traders are committed to providing information that will assist our clients in making informed and wise decisions.

Our traders have always set a high priority to efficient and fair client order execution and settlement. With more experience in the local market than any other broker, we offer efficient transaction execution, supported by swift and professional settlement.

International Equity

Minimum initial investment of US$10,000

Investing internationally can help reduce fluctuations in your portfolio’s value because of the differences in economic and market cycles among countries around the globe. International investments also allow access to high-potential sectors not well represented in the local equity market, such as technology and industrials.

Local investors are able to buy and sell listed international equities in the same way they execute trades on the local market. Our international equity trader can buy and sell overseas-listed equities on most major exchanges, on your behalf, on an execution-only basis. Your international trading account also offers an automatic money market sweep feature and online access through a secured internet service where you can not only view balances but also execute your own trades.

Margin Accounts are also available which increases an investor’s buying power since with this type of account your broker lends you cash to purchase securities, using the assets in your account as collateral. This will give you access to a revolving line of credit to manage the growth of your investment portfolio and meet your liquidity needs.

Clearing through Pershing LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon) and a member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), we offer superior safekeeping and execution services. As a client, you will enjoy the best of both worlds: our personalized service and high level of attention to your needs, together with the safety, back-office efficiency and excellent execution capabilities provided by Pershing.

Domestic Fixed Income

For investors wanting to diversify their portfolio’s risk and return, fixed income securities provide a steady income stream in a less volatile market. Clients looking for fixed income securities with no international market risk can choose to invest in the following domestic debt instruments:

  • Treasury Bills are short term debt instruments issued by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) and managed by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT). These bills are offered for periods of one (1) year or less at a discount rate.
  • Treasury Notes are short to medium term debt instruments issued by GORTT, offered for periods between one (1) year and five (5) years.
  • GORTT Bonds and Corporate Bonds are medium to long term debt instruments with the issuer promising to pay a specific rate of return during the life of the bond.

The custodian for government securities is the Government Securities Settlement Account (GSS Account). This account is managed by the CBTT and is used for the safekeeping and electronic recording of treasury bills and GORTT fixed income instruments.

International Fixed Income

International fixed income trading also allows investors access to a more liquid bond market.

Whether you require sovereign bonds, corporate bonds or treasury bills, we have an experienced team of fixed income traders equipped to provide market information, economic statistics and execution in all major markets at competitive prices.

Options Trading

An option is a financial derivative that gives:

  1. Option Buyers the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specific security at a specific price on or before the expiration date.
  2. Option Sellers the obligation to buy or sell a specific security at a specific price on or before the expiration date.

WISE offers Covered Stock and Index Options which refers to an investor who owns the underlying asset. This type of investor can buy or sell an asset at a stated price within a specific timeframe.

If you have an international brokerage account with WISE, clearing through Pershing LLC you can be authorized to trade in Options.

Standards Account Opening requirements are applicable


Roytrin Mutual Funds are open-ended funds specially designed by RBC Royal Bank as investment vehicles, to offer individual and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in professionally managed portfolios.

The funds have a range of objectives and currencies to meet each of your investment needs.

Fund Options:

  • Money Market Fund (TTD and USD)

    The Roytrin Money Market Fund specifically targets investors seeking to invest in short-term securities which offer high liquidity and a competitive rate of return.

    The objective of the Fund is to provide current income and liquidity, while seeking to preserve capital, by investing in a range of high quality short-term debt securities with tenors of no more than one year.

  • Income Fund (TTD and USD)

    The Roytrin Income Fund is for investors with a short to medium term investment horizon. This fund is geared towards investors seeking a high level of interest  income consistent with investing over the medium term.

    This objective will be achieved through investment in a range of high quality securities, including bonds and short-term debt securities.

  • Income & Growth Fund (TTD and USD)

    The Roytrin Income & Growth Fund specifically targets investors with medium to long-term investment objectives, who are seeking income and growth from a combination of fixed income and equity securities.

    These objectives are achieved through investment in a range of high quality securities, including stocks, bonds and short-term debt securities.

  • High Yield Fund (TTD and EUR)

    Roytrin High Yield Fund is for investors who want high returns over the medium to long-term by investing in a mix of local and international securities with exposure to emerging markets and a range of currencies.

Click here to view Roytrin Mutual Fund Audited Financials & Quarterly Portfolio Summaries