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WISE International Equity Trading

If you, or your business, are looking for a simple, convenient and affordable way to invest overseas, then the WISE International Trading Account may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

The WISE international equity trading desk provides private and institutional clients with the ability to own/trade US securities through a local brokerage. Our transaction costs and commissions are competitive with any other US broker/dealer. Other tangible benefits you can expect from this service include clear and accurate statement reporting, easy access to your money, a competitive foreign exchange service and online account information.

Aside from the potential gains, the inclusion of foreign securities is an integral part of a diversified investment portfolio. Whether you decide to invest directly in the stock market, or purchase shares in an exchange-traded or mutual fund, adding international exposure to a portfolio will normally reduce the risk without lowering returns. The US exchanges also offer a safe and inexpensive alternative to investing directly in global markets through instruments such as ADRs, international stocks traded on US exchanges and US multinationals.


Investor Services

By using Pershing as our trading platform and clearing firm, WISE clients have access to a broad spectrum of trading products including US and non-US listed equities, OTC securities, mutual funds and fixed income products. As a member of BNY Securities Group and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York, Pershing offers a reputation for unquestioned reliability and integrity. Pershing’s facilities provide an efficient, secure operating environment, and enable us to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Pershing’s internet-based brokerage platform allows WISE to enter orders directly on behalf of the client and offers flexible order entry and expert execution that translate into prompt, professional trading. Seeking the most favorable terms available, WISE considers many factors in each transaction, such as the opportunity for price improvement, the speed and certainty of execution, and the likelihood that limit orders will be executed. Due to the liquidity of international markets, clients can expect most market orders to be executed immediately.

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Brokerage Accounts and Reporting

All client assets are held at Pershing, who are responsible for reconciling the accounts, issuing trade confirms/monthly statements and ensuring that the account documentation is compliant with the exchange rules and regulations. Comprehensive security methods safeguard confidential data and account information at all times.

Corporate clients can set up multiple numbered accounts allowing for both client anonymity and easier tracking of client investments. Each account will receive monthly, quarterly, and annual

Pershing brokerage account statements which provide a concise, comprehensive synopsis of the investments and displays attractive graphics to illustrate account holdings. At a glance, clients can easily track their investments, monitor their activity, evaluate their asset allocation, and view any changes that occur in their account value.

All account statements and trade confirmations are made available electronically in addition to being delivered to the client’s mailing address.

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Transaction Processing

Dividends, interest and uninvested account balances can be held in the account as cash, swept into a money market fund or remitted periodically. For client requiring periodic principal distributions, standing orders can be set up for automated transfers to/from your Pershing Account.

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Electronic Access

NetExchange Client® offers a secure and convenient vehicle for clients to access their brokerage account information online – including net equity, cash, order status and transaction history. Clients can also access news, quotes and investment research at anytime to complement our personal advice.

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Award-Winning Research

Our foreign equity trading desk provides personal support and investment planning geared to individual risk tolerances and investment goals. With access to award-winning equity research on a real-time basis, we hold an intimate knowledge of the markets enabling us to provide you with all the relevant information and analysis you need to make informed judgments on your investments.

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Contact Us

For more information on foreign investments or to open an International Trading Account, contact any WISE representative at 625-WISE (9473).

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